The Nintendo 3DS was the first portable console that displayed stereoscopic 3D, meaning that it offered 3D viewing without glasses. In addition to gaming, the 3DS had its own channel with 3D-only content such as music videos and interviews. We designed the identity and the trailer animations for the channel, using vintage TV title cards as a visual reference point.

The channel started with a flat main image, which then gave way to three-dimensional animations as the player navigated through the content. When moving across different sections, they would experience a real sense of depth perception, as elements from the main image flew by with messages popping up on the backs and sides of objects. Each video was announced with a title card where we singled out one detail from the main screen and made into the hero. We enjoyed this project very much, as well as the Nintendo 3DS itself. Sadly, our console was stolen when our studio was broken into and never replaced.

  • Branding & Strategy
  • Motion
  • The first portable console with 3D viewing
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