Brennivín is a clear, unsweetened schnapps, considered to be Iceland’s signature distilled beverage. Often referred to as “Black Death,” it is a popular special-occasion alcohol shot, and the traditional drink for the mid-winter feast of Þorrablót.


On the occasion of its U.S. debut, Brennivín was looking to update their brand. karlssonwilker redesigned the logo, labels, and created collateral brand merchandise using just enough of the original works to keep their original spirit alive while making Brennivín a contemporary alcohol brand.

Brennivín, the unsweetened schnapps, is considered to be Iceland’s signature distilled beverage and favorite spirit. It pairs well with fermented shark.


One of the adjustments to the logo was to add the southwestern island of Heimaey to Iceland’s silhouette. Now the island’s 4,400 inhabitants are rightfully represented.


Collection of Brennivín bottles
Brennivín Logo




An important part of this brand refresh was to advocate for the distillery to re-introduce the original clear glass bottle. All labels were switched to uncoated stock. Further, the southwestern island of Heimaey was added to the silhouette of Iceland to ensure that its 4,400 inhabitants were rightfully represented together with their mainland counterparts


This redesign has since been implemented worldwide.