For several years, the Orb branding system served as a gateway into the MTV universe. Karlssonwilker created the strategy, creative direction, design, animation, and sound of this multitasking globe, which we conceived as a simple and graphic identity that captured the concept of MTV's evolution from a music channel to MTV 360, a multi-brand, multi-platform network. The Orb could morph into endless variations to suit a multitude of purposes, splintering off into infinite smaller parts to represent the platform's subcategories. The Orb (or its fragmented slivers) also served as an information display tool, transforming into banners for prompts and messages and floating into the picture to signal programming changes and edits. The project marked our first foray into motion design, and we took great pleasure in exploring all its possibilities.

  • Branding & Strategy
  • Motion
  • The Orb was used for years in many iterations
Audio CommentaryJan and Hjalti discuss working with motion graphics for the first time
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