Italian American Museum

The Italian American Museum has been a staple of the famous Little Italy neighborhood for many years, located on the corners of Grand and Mulberry Streets. Looking to the future of the institution and the changing landscape of the neighborhood, IAM and its board initiated a redevelopment project that will result in a newly constructed museum space, expanded amenities, and re-imagined programming.


Through permanent and temporary exhibits, robust educational and cultural programming, and collaborations with the community, the IAM will become the preeminent center for learning about and engaging with Italian American voices and celebrating Italian American achievements.


Italian American Museum is scheduled to open Fall 2021. Seen above is founder and director Dr. Joseph V. Scelsa.


Multiple signage schemes are being explored to pair with the Museum’s entrance which features a prominent rounded frame

Working closely with the Museum and the architect for the project, OP-AL, the “typographic zipper” logo mark was developed as a refined and concise capture of the overarching motives of the museum—to serve as a cultural hub and community nexus for Italian Americans. The museum’s location on a bustling corner in a rapidly changing neighborhood pointed to this folding together of cultures and histories as an appropriate gesture to capture in the logotype itself.

A style guide was prepared documenting the surrounding ephemera of the brand which includes colorful red and green blocked patterns and strong typographic headline blocks. We designed and developed the museum’s communications program as well as their pre-opening website that will remain in place through the completion of construction in mid-2021.

Store Items



Colorful pattern blocks and typographic textures will be featured on store items as well as tickets

Print Collateral



All printed materials feature Aktiv Grotesk in multiple weights with a heavy emphasis
on a center-aligned ‘skeleton’ on which to build each collateral item




The website again utilizes the colorful pattern blocks, this time as a means of navigation through this simple, single-page, pre-opening website. You can visit the website here.