National Bank of Iceland

When Landsbankinn (National Bank of Iceland) asked Karlssonwilker to establish signage and a visual style guide for its new corporate headquarters, our goal was to create a simple, direct, and user-friendly identity that departed from anodyne corporate design. Using the bank’s classic logo, which dated back 30 years, we reinterpreted the mark with new color schemes and different treatments that were developed as extensions of the architecture of the new headquarters by CF Mǿller Architects. The building was inspired by Iceland’s raw and naturally sculptural volcanic basalt formations, which are echoed in the textured basalt stone exterior. Instead of creating a traditional sign that would cover up the exterior, we chose to make the Landsbankinn logo part of it by painting it on the craggy surface. 

(For this project we partnered with the Icelandic based designer Atli Hilmarsson. Thank you Atli).

  • Branding & Strategy
  • Signage & Wayfinding

The exterior logo informed the wayfinding, which was also painted directly on the walls.

Renditions of the logo were made into swirling patterns on glass partitions and walls as well as video screens.

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