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Wolf-Gordon Installations






2017: Architecture by Graham Kelman, construction by New Motor
2016: Architecture by Graham Kelman, construction by New Motor
2015: Additional design, fabrication, programming and installation by A-V Controls
2014, 2013, 2012: Additional design, fabrication and installation by The Guild

“自2011年底以来,我们一直在与karlssonwilker合作,开展全方位的二维,三维和数字设计项目,有效提升了我们所有产品类别的品牌。 在商业墙纸中,Wolf-Gordon在过去三年中一直被客户评为第一。 在2012年推出室内装潢纺织品后,我们通过专注的活动在取样和销售方面取得了很大进展,以提高我们对面料的认识。“

—Marybeth Shaw, CCO, Wolf-Gordon

Audio Commentary Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, talking about the 2012 Installation (1:31)

Folio, 2017


Folio celebrates Wolf-Gordon’s 50th Anniversary via a display of its commercial wallcovering and upholstery partnerships with leading international designers, as well as its recently published monograph, Wolf-Gordon: Sample Book. Arrayed in consistent rows, it displays each of the book’s 150+ spreads.


Wolf-Gordon’s annual communication campaign centers on the design process of their installation. Each stage of the project is revealed in real-time, underscoring the respective creative process. Visuals evolve from simple sketches of the nascent project to 3-D renderings, and once the project is installed at NeoCon, the campaign uses actual photography.

Folio installation at Neocon 2017

Various ad campaign motifs


Excavate, 2016


与前几年一样,沃尔夫 – 戈登的思想全年在一个广告活动中亮相,该活动以草图和想法开始,并在年度工作在NeoCon上公布时结束。


2016年的作品“Excavate”部分来自Wolf-Gordon自己从皇后区的长岛城搬到曼哈顿。 这是办公室演变的一种解释 – 办公室网格的侵蚀,转变为休息室般的协作环境。 使用围绕它的石窟和织物覆盖形式,可以采用不同的姿势,如休息,坐姿或栖息。


Excavate installation at NeoCon 2016

Various ad campaign motifs

Slice, 2015


A long screen with thousands of LEDs are suspended over an escalator bank. At the bottom of the escalator, you can see an image of yourself displayed in the LEDs. As you travel up the escalator, your image becomes more and more deconstructed into abstract fields of color.


“Beyond their visually arresting impact for show attendees, our sculptural installations at NeoCon are an essential, unifying feature of our communications, as we aim to speak to our audience about meaning and process. We design our annual ad campaign, for instance, around the real stages of conceptualizing and developing the sculpture, between January and June; then, we feature photography of the completed, installed sculpture during the second half of the year, focusing on specific products on the display.”
—Marybeth Shaw, CCO, Wolf-Gordon

Slice interactive installation at Neocon 2015

Upholstery and wallcovering design based on Slice
Various ad campaign motifs

Ribbon, 2014


Measuring 26’ long, over 12’ wide, and 14’6” high, the 1,300-pound sculpture is suspended from a gridded truss that is rigged to the building’s massive load bearing structure. Appearing as an assemblage of sculptural ribbons, Ribbon Cloud is covered in 144 pieces of wall-covering and upholstery textiles, arranged as an array of the color spectrum. Twelve individual ribbons wind through the space, twisting and folding, to give show attendees a dynamic visual and spatial experience.

Ribbon installation at NeoCon 2014

Various ad campaign motifs

Force of Nature, 2013


Resembling a twisted spine that gives a sense of movement through color and form, this installation is nearly 30’ long and 14’ wide. It showcases 136 of Wolf-Gordon’s products, one on each side. As visitors ascend the escalator, the slats appear above them like a twisting array of fanned-out cards. The products were arranged by color, forming a gradient that goes from white to orange to red on the way up the escalator and purple to brown on the way down. The edge of each slat slopes one degree, adding to the sculpture’s twisting vortex appearance. The slats are made from foam sandwiched between two sheets of Masonite. An aluminum channel along the perimeter of each slat provides rigidity. Identical plywood boxes connect and space each slat.

Force of Nature installation at NeoCon 2013

Various ad campaign motifs

Crystalline, 2012


Installed at the Merchandise Mart’s “town square” ahead of the annual NeoCon in Chicago, this 1,380-pound sculpture is composed of over 250 sides covered in over 500 yards of various Wolf-Gordon upholstery textiles, mirrors, and wallcoverings.


NeoCon attracts 40,000 attendees each year, and features some 700 exhibits, occupying 1 million square-feet of exhibition space spanning 10 floors of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart.

Crystalline installation at NeoCon 2012

Various ad campaign motifs