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Wolf-Gordon Identity


Audio Commentary Marybeth Shaw, Vice-President, Product & Design Marketing

Wolf-Gordon logo update

Wolf-Gordon is a family-owned company that values its history. We updated the existing logo to communicate the contemporary, modern, and relevant brand they became. The logotype was slimmed down, and included a mix of customized Futura (Paul Renner) and Gotham (Tobias Frere-Jones). Maison Neue (Milieu Grotesque) is the headline and text typeface. We then redrew the wolf emblem to match the revised logotype, and updated the overall color palette, implementing a vibrant blue as the company’s primary color.

Wolf-Gordon Stationery


Trade show presence is an important part of Wolf-Gordon’s marketing program. We designed new trade show booths, including an interactive booth for the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) featuring Wolf-Gordon’s Wink, a paint that creates a dry-erase surface. The booth received Metropolis magazine’s “Metropolis Likes” and “Editor’s Choice” awards.

Wolf-Gordon's wide range of swatch books are one of their most important sales tools.

Another very important part of Wolf-Gordon’s visual identity redesign was to rethink and re-launch their online presence. Both the design and user experience are a departure from their competitors product-browsing experience. Focusing on their vast product catalog, the website served as a straightforward tool for interior designers to get fast access to the vast product line offered by the brand. Swiping left and right, one quickly and intuitively engages with their products.


Web Development: Rubenstein Tech

50th Anniversary Book


In 2017, Wolf-Gordon moved to their brand new office on 333 7th Avenue, New York.
We, at karlssonwilker, designed the signage, wayfinding and supergraphics.