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Ironbound Hard Cider

在禁酒令之前,新泽西州纽瓦克市曾是美国最好的苹果酒故乡。随着Ironbound苹果酒推出之际,它想要重新夺回这个头衔,Ironbound由Charles Rosen在离开广告业生涯之后所创立,它不仅意味着这个城市原始产业之一的回归,而且生产出一个味道独特的苹果酒,它与美国人已经习以为常的浓缩果汁和糖精的味道截然不同。在一个不同阶级发展不均的城市里,Ironbound为那些有可能被社会忽略的人们提供了工作和发展机会。


Rosen与苹果历史学家和保护主义者合作,重新耕作那些被认为已经消失的祖传品种:比如Harrison和Canfield品种,其中一些苹果的名字取自于建立纽瓦克的创始家族,并且是George Washington称赞为「苹果酒中的香槟」的关键原因。Rosen经营的果园有New Ark Farms和苹果酒制造商的Jersey Cider Works,在复杂的州法律下都属于同一财产。它们共同形成了他所谓的「闭环经济」,就是说一个人的废物可以被另一个人重新利用。


Ironbound’s workforce is largely drawn from one of Newark’s most underserved communities—the formerly incarcerated. In conjunction with Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice, Rosen launched a workplace development curriculum for his employees in subjects like fiscal management and conflict resolution. This is all part of Ironbound’s commitment to growing strong communities by cultivating strong individuals.


Ironbound takes its name from a diverse neighborhood in Newark’s East Ward. Once heavily industrialized, railroads, forges, and foundries encircled the area. It was hemmed in by industry—iron bound.

Rosen runs the small-scale orchard, New Ark Farms, and the cider manufacturer, Jersey Cider Works, which because of complicated state laws are on the same property. Together they form what he calls a “closed loop economy,” meaning that the waste of one is repurposed by the other.

Seasonal Summer Cider
Devil's Harvest

This transformative arc needed to be represented in the brand identity. On the packaging, karlssonwilker developed a sketch of the hand grasping a Harrison apple, taken from a photo of the head farmer holding an apple.


Our collaboration with Ironbound continues as the brand expands.