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Bloomberg Businessweek

当Businessweek(商业周刊)被Bloomberg(彭博)收购时,周刊的忠实订阅读者已经习惯了Businessweek原本的界面外观。Bloomberg Busineweek的新定位和重新设计由主编Josh Tyrangiel和创意总监Richard Turley主导,karlssonwilker的合伙人Hjalti和Jan被委托开发和实现这个项目的信息图表和数据可视化系统。他们负责设计一个全面的设计指南来展现这个杂志的新排版和网格布局中的新系统。


新的信息图表系统以玩世不恭的态度,让每个信息图表变得悦目并且有趣,同时读者能够清晰地从中识别Bloomberg Businessweek的新风格。新设计与原本密集和扁平的信息图表形成强烈的对比,这也使得周刊的风格产生巨大变化。每个图形的设计曾需要很多时间和精力,而这个设计指南将曾独立的流程与应用系统化,包括从颜色的层次结构和光栅的百分比,到笔划宽度与角度。


Audio Commentary Jan with Josh & Cynthia of Bloomberg Businessweek (5:52)



This infographic system allowed individual infographics to become beautiful a sculptural team on their own, making them clearly identifiable as Bloomberg Businessweek’s. A lot of care and attention had to be given to each graphic and the style guide systematizes the individual processes and applications; from color hierarchy and raster percentages, to stroke widths, leading, and projection angles. The magazine’s typefaces are Neue Hass Grotesk and Publico (both Commercial Type, New York & London). Over the summer months of 2010, we trained the newly hired in-house infographic team and continued to add case studies and examples to the style guide, making it a dense, varied, and in-depth collection of visualizations for a plethora of different sets of data and contexts.


With Josh and Richard at the helm, Bloomberg Businessweek quickly established itself as the leading magazine, finance or otherwise, with daring content and brash graphic design.

Predominantly designed in-house, we were invited to design two covers later on.

American Badass (2012)

This magazine was Bloomberg’s best seller on the newsstand to date, with these types of sales figures typically being driven by the cover design. The American Badass issue featured an in-depth analysis into the usually secretive John Deere Company. The article tells the story of an American company being successful right after the economic crises, so the cover design required a sense of pride, patriotism and joy.


The design mixed a 3D model of an extra-strong tractor, a large special-effects explosion, and Americana typography.

Gamer Gate (2014)

The “Gamer Gate controversy” started in 2014 as a response to critics of the video game industry. The feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian was one of the most notable targets of harassment for being vocal about what she considers to be a misogynist and sexist industry and culture. In the mist of #gamergate, Bloomberg hired karlssonwilker to design a cover featuring Anita and well-known video game characters (mostly male).


The design outcome was a fun, crazy cover, filled with a few Easter eggs, one of which is Hjalti’s face on one of the characters.

Process Images