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TIME invited Karlssonwilker to design, co-curate, and co-write a 12-page cover feature for its 2008 year-end “list issue.” It was a delight to work hand-in-hand with such an esteemed editorial team, as we collaborated closely on identifying and creating worthwhile “Top 10” lists, ranging from food trends, books, songs, and medical breakthroughs, among others.

Over the course of an extended weekend, Hjalti and Jan worked from TIME’s offices, embedded into the magazine’s editorial system with the writing staff, copy desk, and research team. After four long days, a series of spreads materialized that would offer the reader an animated reading experience outside the magazine’s grid and type system. And, if you look at the cover, you can spot micro-sized Hjalti and Jan at the very bottom of the page, making Hjalti the first Icelander to have ever appeared (or inserted himself) on the cover of TIME Magazine.

"Karlssonwilker are my go-to guys when there’s something fun and interesting to be done. And they excel at understanding how to prioritize information for people. Their work on TIME’s list issue combined those strengths. It was a completely new idea to be delivered to a readership of 4 million people, and they made an incredibly elegant, boundary pushing package."
Josh Tyrangiel, Former Deputy Managing Editor, TIME
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