The Swiss watch powerhouse Swatch approached Karlssonwilker to design a series of watches for its 2019 collection. Starting from a color and material brief, we developed a variety of designs, collection concepts, and accessory variations. From this initial batch of proposals, four watches were selected for production and release.

The design of the SwatchID watch highlights the architecture of the classic Swatch New Gent model, down to the holes in the strap and the Swatch logotype. Using the signature Swatch red Trade Gothic Bold in all caps, the SwatchID was conceived as a repeatable format that could be replicated in other languages. So far, only the English version of the watch has been produced. Anecdotally, this was also the first time Swatch had successfully printed on the hands of the watch itself. The Swatch MultiBoost model used a combination of colorful linear and radial gradients while the Swatch So Pink and So Blue editions have slimmer, more streamlined shapes and feature explorations into metallic color.

The SwatchID became a bestseller that was reissued many times but is now out of stock.

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  • The bestselling SwatchID has been re-iussed many times
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