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Karlssonwilker worked with Sotheby’s to create an immersive digital experience telling a unique story about the American artist Mark Rothko and featuring “Untitled,” 1960—Rothko’s painting that was being auctioned off at Sotheby’s by SFMOMA. 13″ iPad Pros were sent to select patrons of Sotheby’s before the up-coming auction. The iPads came pre-loaded with the site and included information for registering to bid. A desktop version of the site can be found at

Site developed by v–a (Porto)

This was the first time that Sotheby’s had sent iPads to its patrons before an up-coming auction. It was a big success, with the patrons and user engagement at 100 percent. Most users that received the iPad visited the site more than once, and engagement figures also show that, on average, users on iPad would spend 60% more time on the site than general website visitors.


Untitled, 1960


In addition to the iPads sent to select patrons, there were also iPads installed in the gallery where the painting was hung before auction. Visitors could interact with the site and watch Sotheby’s-produced video content while viewing the work. At auction, Untitled, 1960 was hung front and center and went on to sell for $50,095,250.

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