Environmental Graphics

Samsung x WeWork

Samsung, apart from being Apple’s main competitor in the American mobile phone market, is a global manufacturer of everything from washing machines to laptops, dishwashers to speaker systems.

In partnership with WeWork, Samsung wanted to come up with a low-cost, short-term experiment to provide Samsung customers with an exciting care experience. Alongside the Samsung team, karlssonwilker designed a solution that introduced a series of ten, 10’x10’ vinyl-wrapped “pods” with bright, Samsung-blue floor graphics into three WeWork locations in Miami, Detroit, and Brooklyn.

As part of the Samsung x WeWork partnership, karlssonwilker also held its own series of lectures in Miami, Detroit and Williamsburg. Hjalti gave a speech in Miami.


WeWork Detroit

Staffed by Samsung, customers can visit the care centers to learn more about a device or get specialized care. While visiting, they can work/meet/play in one of four different pod types. The conference room pod offers video conferencing, the internet café pod has six stations with Samsung monitors, including DeX, which allows mirroring of your mobile display. The phone booth pod divides the 100sf footprint into four smaller booths, complete with high end video conferencing, and frosted privacy glass. Lastly, the conversational pod opens up into a living room/lounge experience that lets the visitor play video games on a massive 90” display.

The fact that the pods were built out in existing WeWork locations meant that any and all solutions needed to be un-intrusive, quickly installed, and easily removed. The simple frame and open layout of the pods left large expanses of wall and floor open to apply the language of the campaign. Each pod was wrapped—by car-wrap specialists—with printed cascades of drop shadows that circled continuously around the entire pod. Folded into layers of the gray-scale shapes, were large, punchy phrases.

WeWork Williamsburg