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When Samsung, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, launches a new device, it is accompanied by a series of events and experiences that showcases its most exciting features. For the release of Galaxy S8+, Karlssonwilker was commissioned to create an experiential point-of-sales stand for retailers that showed off the phone's then brand new infinity display and immersive 360 viewing function.

Our task was to create a solution that allowed visitors to freely interact with the phones and move them around while making sure they were securely fastened to the stand. As the stands were designed with third-party retailers in mind, they needed to be easy to install and manage by store staff but also sturdy enough not to be knocked over by enthusiastic viewers. The stand was built in collaboration with The New Motor.

"Karlssonwilker designed an amazing experience for Samsung that was really well thought out and seamlessly integrated into the design. Their solution had hidden features like cable charging and remote content update capabilities that you would never have guessed were there."
 Mick McConnell, Former SVP Marketing, Head of Creative (ECD), North America, Samsung

We designed a robust seven-foot rotating stand in powder-coated metal that held nine phones that were suspended on cables made of exceptionally strong and flexible medical-grade rubber hoses. Since the hoses were hollow, we were able to run charging cables through them. 

Signage that explains to users how to make the most of the phone’s features. 

The flexible medical-grade hoses allowed customers to easily and vigorously pull out the device to rotate and twist it. When they were done, the phone snapped back into place. 

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