Product Design

Samsung 360

When Samsung, the world’s largest mobile phone maker launches a new device, it is accompanied by a series of events that showcases the most exciting new features.

Additional programming by Rubenstein Technology Group
Built by New Motor

Earlier sketches

Featuring the newest Galaxy phone, the 360 Stand allows visitors to playfully interact with 360 images of beautiful locations around the world. The project was designed by karlssonwilker with third-party retailers in mind, allowing it to be easily installed and managed by any store staff member.

To highlight the hand-held interaction of viewing 360 images and video on the phone, each of the nine phones—per stand—is suspended using special, highly flexible industrial rubber tubing. Easily rotating, pulling, and twisting the device, customers get to experience Samsung’s 360 content from a seven foot turning stand that plugs directly into a wall outlet and is ready to go.