Product Design

Saga Kakala

Saga Kakala is an iconic Icelandic accessories brand created by Ingibjörg Gréta Gísladóttir. The brand derives its name from 13th century Chief Thordur Kakali, who was popular among his people for improving quality of life.


The brand approached karlssonwilker to create a collection of silk scarves.


The process consisted of learning the properties of different silk fabrics and production, as well as a focused playful exploratory of hundreds of sketches before landing on six designs.


The final visuals consist of 3D distortions, shapes, and asymmetric volumes, each within a distinct colorway, all framed by the same device.


The Shizuka Collection is named after Sandra Shizuka, karlssonwilker’s long-time member and art director.

The prints are a product of our studio’s explorations into abstract CG imagery.