Parsons School of Design

Karlssonwilker worked with Parsons School of Design on their new Industry Engagement video, highlighting industry partnerships at The New School’s Parsons School of Design. The video is a combination of imagery, photography, existing footage, motion graphics, animations, and typographic treatments. Karlssonwilker scored the original soundtrack as well. The final result is published here on the Parsons website.

The sound design for the animation was composed around small vignettes of noises for each highlighted word, strung together with an underlying beat and culminating in a grand anthem. The sounds were developed after the visuals for the animation.


Audio Commentary "just the sounds" (please enjoy with headphones)

With limited access to new footage due to the 2020 pandemic, Parsons approached karlssonwilker with the idea of executing a typography focused animation, supported with pre-existing B-roll footage. Provided with a script and the Parsons brand guidelines, we set about to highlight specific words with playful treatment of 2D/3D elements derived from the shapes of the letterforms. These highlights also allowed us to transition between disparate clips when the shapes multiply and take over the screen.

The Full Animation







The typography for each highlighted word became the seed for a series of Processing sketches that produced shape and color from within the contours of the letterforms. Some explode quite quickly, others linger around the curves of the letters much longer. Each time the sketch runs, it produces a different result; we picked the best to use in the animation.