karlssonwilker Opening Mailer

While it took us four months to meticulously design and re-design our opening announcement, it took only an underwhelming four hours and $250 for the local newspaper printer to produce 600 copies of our big opening announcement. Back in 2001, that printer also published a communist weekly, which has unfortunately gone out of business since then.

1-color newsprint was not the initial choice, but a necessary monetary reality for us in our early days. Through this limitation, we found one of our go-to ways of expression: quick and dirty b/w vector drawings, with lots of boxes, and an illogical mix of Trade Gothic Bold and DIN Bold.



Audio Commentary Jan and Hjalti talking about the Opening Mailer (1:26)

Through Agency Access, they bought an address list and mailed it in a small envelope hoping for the best. They were actually able to get a few projects and clients from it, one example being Capitol Records with The Vines project. ROI galore. Who needs 4-colors and coated stock?