The electronic music collective GusGus quickly became one of the most sought-after Icelandic acts after they formed almost two decades ago.


For their tenth album, Mexico, GusGus enlisted karlssonwilker to provide the overall creative direction and design. We produced and created the music video for the title track utilizing various software, video game engines, and topography-based programs in order to transform live-action footage of the band. This included a two-day digital scanning session of the band moving and dancing to their own music, capturing a great deal of malleable data. A five-month long experimentation period followed. The last step involved editing down the hours of rendered experiments into a five-minute music video, which attempted to overwhelm the viewer with a bombardment of shapes, colors, and movements.

The logo we designed for them is an exercise in “wrong” perspective.


GusGus Logo

Vinyl and CD

Single Covers
Tour Poster
Various Merchandise

A long weekend scanning session with the band members moving and dancing all day to the same song.


Selected frames were rendered in hi-res to be used for print and digital still applications. The result was a fully integrated campaign, including a “double-perspective” GusGus logo, packaging for the various digital releases, vinyl albums, merchandise, stage graphics, and tour collateral.


Being fans of the band since Polydistortion came out in 1997, this was a wonderful experience for everyone the studio.



Mexico, 6:37




Crossfade, 4:48

(an early version of the video, using a different song though, but the same source renders)

The tour stage graphics utilize the same source renders we used for the video(s).