For the launch of the two-seater sports car MINI coupé, the BMW-owned car manufacturer celebrated this long–anticipated model release with two magazine projects conceived (and in some parts enacted) by Karlssonwilker. Part one was a collaboration with Dazed & Confused where we, with the help of six up-and-coming designers and a host of other fashion pros, created an editorial spread that explored the merging of the real (clothing) and the virtual (distorted 3D CAD files of the car design).

The project culminated in the multi-media travel experience "Another Day, Another Adventure," a road trip where Hjalti and Jan drove from Munich to Istanbul, chronicling their encounters and experiences along the way in real-time vlog and blog dispatches and as a large print feature for Matter magazine.

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"Grill and Mirror"(Paul Stafford),  “Door and Speedometer” (Jaeyeon Lee), "Roof" (Sean Samson), “Air Vent”(Steven Tai, “Trunk” (Ziyeon Kim)

Photography by Anthony Maule, hair by Chi Wong at Julian Watson Agency, Make-Up by Lisa Houghton/Jed Root

The abstracted 3D CAD car design files were the starting point for the silhouettes and material treatment of the clothing. Our goal was to bring the fashion shots and the car’s virtual volumes seamlessly together into the same world.

A video from the shoot was shown on the magazine’s website

For the Another Day, Another Adventure project, a collaboration with Matter magazine, a group of six people (Hjalti, Jan, their colleague Nikki, a writer, a photographer, and a videographer) spent 10 days (or maybe it was 12) driving three Minis across Europe.

At each stop, the group would connect with local creatives and spend a night out with them. 

The trip was documented in daily installments on the “Another Day, Another Adventure” website. The content was then turned into a printed insert for Matter magazine.

Roughly half of the experiences and events on the trip occurred according to a planned agenda, the rest were spontaneous encounters that happened on the fly.

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