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Wolf-Gordon: NeoCon & Ad Campaign, 2013

Following the precedent set in 2012, Wolf-Gordon’s 2013 campaign was based on the sculpture that would appear mid-year at the NeoCon Design Fair. From January until June, all advertisements hinted at what would soon be revealed at NeoCon. The July to December ads featured playful recompositions of the sculpture. Referred to as “Force of Nature,” the sculpture was a dynamic, twisting skeletal form composed of 75 eight-foot panels that measured 30-feet long and 14-feet wide.

Additional design, fabrication, and installation done by the fabulous people at Guild.

Photographs of sculpture fabrication by Guild. Photographs of the installed sculpture by James Shanks.


Audio Commentary
Jan with Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer at Wolf-Gordon (1:49)

The sculpture's continuous barrel roll was created by a basic, but carefully engineered element. All joints of the spine—rectangular frames that were slightly tapered on one side — were identical.
Teaser Ads, January–June
Ads, July–December
2013 Holiday Card and NeoCon Giveaway
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