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Wolf-Gordon: NeoCon & Ad Campaign, 2012

Wolf-Gordon’s 2012 campaign centered around a temporary, to-be-designed sculpture that would be installed in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart during the NeoCon Design Fair. The ad campaign followed the design process of the sculpture—the first ad of the year showed a rough sketch of what might be. Each following ad revealed a further glimpse into the creative process leading up to the installation’s final form. Composed of more than 250 panels covered in Wolf-Gordon products and mirrors, the sculpture measured 30-feet long and weighed 1,380 pounds. It served as a canopy and was suspended over the main escalator at the Mart. This sculpture was the first art installation of its kind at NeoCon and the first in a series we have designed for Wolf-Gordon. 

Additional design, fabrication, and installation of the canopy done by the fabulous people at Guild.

Photographs of sculpture by James Shanks.


Audio Commentary
Jan with Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer at Wolf-Gordon (1:30)

Sculpture Teaser Ads, January–June
The sculpture under construction, photographs by The Guild
Following NeoCon, Wolf-Gordon’s ads featured images of the realized sculpture. Graphics from the ad campaign were used for all of Wolf-Gordon’s marketing and sales initiatives for 2012, from showroom graphics and tradeshow booths to sketch books, giveaways, and marketing materials.
16-page capability brochure
2012 Hospitality Design Expo, Chicago and New York Showrooms, and Holiday Card/Ornament
Sculpture Detail Ads, July–December
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