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In 2003, Princeton Architectural Press published tellmewhy, the story of our studio’s first 24 months. We designed the book—which was authored by the awesome Clare Jacobson—in four short weeks. The print run was just shy of 10,000 copies and we received 58 cents for each book sold. It’s been out of print for quite some time now. If anyone is interested, we do own the movie rights.

Audio Commentary
Hjalti & Jan (2:17)

Cover and front endsheets
Table of Contents and a project for Capitol Records that went absolutely nowhere, but we still like it.
Everyone needs shirts and sweaters. And yes, we are still in that same office space.
A summer full of joy and “Hello, we are open for business!”
3D type from the year 2000. We did look much younger back then.
There are quite a lot of text pages in the book. Clare interviewed us over a six-month period before we started on the design. A sketch and its execution.
Pat Metheny, the very first project we ever worked on.
The big Boym book featuring chapter openings with strange pop-ups.
Thoughts in black & white
Back of the book and invite to the book launch party.
It’s been over a decade since the book was published and we still get quite a few emails from people who have read it. We find that unbelievable and beautiful.
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