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Remai Modern Identity

Remai Modern is a new museum of modern and contemporary art coming to life in Saskatoon, a growing city on the vast and ever-changing Canadian Prairies. The Remai Modern logo consists of “lower/UPPER” case initials to express Remai Modern’s continued effort to question itself and embrace critique. This semantic device should serve as a built-in reminder for the institution to avoid being clearly defined, from within or by others.


We will continue to update this project as we work our way towards Remai Modern's opening in the summer of 2017.

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The logo with Cree syllabic lock-up. The addition of Cree syllabics (here, “Saskatchewan” phonetically) to the vocabulary of the identity serves as a signifier for the museum’s location and ambition to be a leading center for contemporary Indigenous art and discourse.
Every seventh stationery set comes in yellow.
Notecards and Postcards
Products from the Museum Store
Pre-Launch Website
Printed collaterals are based on "The Saskatoon Sentinel," a hand-written, one-off newspaper from 1884 that we found in the City's archive. Back in the day, the one original was handed around from household to household. Bringing its energetic amateurishness into 2016, the idiosyncratic layout became the starting point for Remai Modern’s program-related visual language.
Eight Foot Parapet Signage, Made of Glass
Main Entrance Signage
Previous explorations of the identity were used as the interim identity for the pre-launch programs 2015–2016. Remai Modern's identity was launched June 1, 2016. The museum is currently under construction, slated to open in 2017.
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