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12 Days in Serbia

In 2004, we embarked on our first "real-time design" adventure. FIA Art Group and Publikum, a Serbian publisher, invited us to create their 2005 PHENOMAN calendar. Since neither of us had been to Serbia before, we suggested we visit Belgrade to meet and learn from the people who would actually be using our calendar. For each day, we decided to produce one piece of design that would be inspired by the events and experiences of that same day. Over a 12-day period, we were immersed in Serbian culture. Not following a typical tourist itinerary, we were generously hosted by locals and saw a lesser-known, more intimate side of Serbia. Looking back, our experience in Serbia showed us that “real-time design” is a viable way of designing, as today’s universal technology allows immediate, in-the-moment creation.

Billboards and posters all over Belgrade
Our days were filled with amazing experiences, meetings, discussions, photo ops, and many many interviews.
Here is the finished calendar, in shiny silver.
January and February
March and April
September and October
November and August
May and June
Last page of the calendar
In addition, a book about our experiences in Serbia was published, which included an interview between FIA Art Group and us (in English and Serbian), as well as lots of comments and snapshots. It came with an “Easy Reading Device," a transparent plastic sheet with opaque white lines to block out either the English or Serbian alternating lines of text for easy reading in one language or the other.
The year following our first visit, we returned to Belgrade for our “Serbia Remixed” exhibition. We revisited the files from our first adventure creating the PHENOMAN calendar and made twenty posters. Twelve posters were based on the calendar and eight others composed a series of portraits. The original work and media coverage from the first trip were also displayed, serving as reference for the remixed, restated pieces. A special thanks to 03one gallery and Balkankult for making the “Serbia Remixed” exhibition possible.
Serbia Remixed at the O3one gallery. The exhibition graphics and materials and billboard were designed by Serbian designer Aleksandar Macasev.
Several remixed months (in random order)
Five of the eight portraits: “Dragan Papic,” “Stanislav” (aka Stan, aka George), “Serbian Police,” “Young Woman,” and "Bata".
The mayor of Belgrade at the opening, a shot of the day we installed the exhibit, before the grand opening, and Hjalti at the opening, speaking Serbian with an Icelandic accent and English vocabulary.
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