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12 Days in Jerusalem

Our visit to Jerusalem marks the third installment in our “real-time design” series. As done previously in Serbia and South Africa, we immersed ourselves in all facets of life in Jerusalem and at the end of each day we put something down in response to the day’s experiences. “Real-time design” is interesting to us due to its spontaneous, unfiltered practice of design—a language to communicate thoughts, feelings, and observations quickly, almost hastily. It forces us to do away with overly reflective, over-worked, soulless, self-censored non-statements. A project like 12 Days in Jerusalem gives us a space to re-configure today's prevalent, strongly thought-based, logical design process, which is at times too safe, foreseeable, and efficient. We see “real-time design" as performance. 


Thank you to Alex Ward (1949–2012), former Chief Curator of Architecture and Design, Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Impressions from Jerusalem and surrounding areas
Day 1: Commemorating the 2011 Jerusalem UFO sighting. Day 2: Everything cool always.
Day 3: Yes, it is. Day 4: Landscape.
Day 5: Deistic agility. Day 6: Congratulations.
Day 8: Prickly pear. Day 9: Fear.
Day 10: Blackletter. Day 12: Too many.
Day 11: Updown. Day 7: Flags.
A 24-page take-away brochure with a post-project email dialogue between Alex Ward and Jan Wilker. Excerpts from the project’s daily diary in English, Hebrew, and Arabic accompany each poster. The back cover shows the 12 raw daily sketches.
Short trailer, using footage by students from the Musrara School of Photography, Jerusalem
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