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10 Days in South Africa

In 2007, we were invited by Interactive Africa to spend ten days in South Africa. Like our “real-time design” trip to Serbia, we created one piece of design every day, inspired by that same day. Our goal was to explore how design can provide South Africans with an outsider’s view of their country. We became deeply immersed in our daily surroundings, met numerous people (including the diviners at the Muti market), asked countless questions, and listened closely. During our travels by plane, car, and foot, we visited three cities, sampled three different beers (the entire domestic collection), gave three design workshops, ate eleven types of meat, climbed Cape Town’s Lion’s Head, and almost got shot in Johannesburg’s inner city.

Workshop with local youth, early morning walk on Lion’s Head, Gugu Collective, lunch, Alexandria Township, waiting for our cow's head.
Day 1: Jo'burg, here we come. Breathing South African air for the first time. Workshop in Alex Township. Opposites everywhere. Does a grim past make for a glorious future?
Day 9: South Africa's beauty lies in its abundant nature. Here is one big, crazy flower. Day 8: Important information hidden in traditional patterns: South African infographics.
Day 3: We saw a lot on our road-trip from Johannesburg to Durban, but one constellation was missing. The morrow has the color of a rainbow, bakkie-style. Day 4: Another great township workshop. "If you don't have money, you need a gun." (words of one of the students).
Day 7: Another workshop, but this time in the city. A collection of serious and not so serious thoughts, observations, and drawings from the trip. Day 10: We saw a lot in these ten days, but no game reserves. So we opted for a shortcut we found in a tourist mall at Cape Town harbor.
Several details from Day 7 and behind the scenes of Day 10: hi-tech everywhere. The final pieces were printed as posters and handed out for free to everyone at the 2008 Design Indaba in Cape Town.
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