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We don’t use sketchbooks.
Our sketches are almost exclusively digital, meaning “done directly on a computer,” only very rarely “pen on paper” and if so, it’s mostly words. Over the years, we have amassed a vast quantity of digital sketches, floating around somewhere in the studio’s ether, and there is no reason not to make at least portions of them accessible. Through this portal, you can acquire a variety of “project-related files” that show the usually hidden thought & design process through early explorations, misguided impulses, initial sketches, and directions that were later scrapped, mainly in the form of quick and dirty Illustrator files. We will keep adding more over time.


DISCLAIMER: Please be explicitly advised of the following: Available files are merely project-related, and not the final, print-ready mechanicals (which would be quite boring for you to look at). Possible file formats: .ai, .psd, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .aiff, .mp3, .qxd. Obviously, typefaces and links are not included, with all consequences that this brings. When weclose down the studio one day, we will put all our files online for everyone to download, but for now, this is an “old-sketches-for-pennies” type of thing and you can be sure we will use the money earned for our pleasure. Files will be available for you to download for 12 days after purchase. Please know that we’re not interested in engaging in a discourse about what you expected to get and received in the end. And why are we making you pay for it? Because we can, and because you will treat the files differently. You can use them in non-commercial work, according to Creative Commons’ CC BY-NC license. There you go. Enjoy!