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Skirl Records

Since its inception in 2007, we’ve been working with Skirl Records, a Brooklyn-based jazz label. Skirl holds a special place in our hearts since their album covers serve as our experimental playground where we try new design approaches. At the very beginning we established a Skirl-specific formatting that is applied to all releases: a DVD-sized Digipak® with a limited print area—the dimensions of a regular CD jewel case—in the center of the packaging, resulting in the now Skirl-typical white band on top and bottom.

Audio Commentary
Jan with Chris Speed of Skirl Records (2:49)

Skirl 026—Leah Paul: “Trenza"
Skirl 025—Chris Speed, Zeno de Rossi: “Ruins"
Skirl 024—Chris Speed: "Really Ok"
Skirl 022—Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Rainey, Kris Davis, Ralph Alessi: "Lark"
Skirl 021—Jim Black, Trevor Dunn, Oscar Noriega, Chris Speed: "Endangered Blood – Work Your Magic"
Skirl 020—Ben Holmes Quartet: "Anvil Of The Lord" For this release, the approach was to avoid the use of any Adobe products in the making of this CD. We ended up doing everything in Inkscape and GIMP, both free and MacOS compatible. Check them out, they’re fantastic. And donate if you like them. Adobe isn't the only one out there.
Skirl 019—Devin Gray Dirigo: "Rataplan"
Skirl 018—Travis Laplante: “Heart Protector”
Skirl 017—Leah Paul: "Bike Lane"
Skirl 016—Anthony Burr
Skirl 015—Jim Black, Trevor Dunn, Oscar Noriega, Chris Speed: "Endangered Blood"
Skirl 014—Ches Smith & These Arches: “Finally Out Of My Hands”
Skirl 013—The Clarinets: "Keep on Going Like This"
Skirl 012—TYFT: “Smell The Difference”
Skirl 011—Ben Perowsky Quartet: “Esopus Opus”
Skirl 010—The New Mellow Edwards: “Big Choantza”
Skirl 009—Briggan Krauss, Ikue Mori, Jim Black H-Alpha: "Red Sphere"
Skirl 008—Andrew D'Angelo: “Skadra Degis”
Skirl 007—Mary Halvorson, Jessica Pavone: "On And Off"
Skirl 006—Human Feel: "Galore" The design credit on the CD label explains the process.
Skirl 005—Shelley Burgon, Trevor Dunn: "Baltimore" Instead of continuing to wonder about Photoshop’s liquify filter, we started exploring. This is what we ended up with 10 days later.
Skirl 004—Hilmar Jensson's TYFT: “Meg Nem Sa”
Skirl 003—Curtis Hasselbring: “The New Mellow Edwards”
Skirl 002—Ted Reichman: “My Ears Are Bent”
Skirl 001—The Clarinets: “Self-Titled”
In 2013 Skirl Records launched their new website:
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